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Author FAQs


We're Looking for CAD, CAM & CAE Experts

We are looking for experts who can write about CAD, CAM and CAE. You could have your article published on CADdigest.com (owned by TenLinks). We welcome all submissions.

What if I've never written an article before?
You have to start somewhere, and CADdigest.com is an ideal place for the first time author. We can help you get your first article published. Our editors will work with you to get your article online.

I'm a published author. Why would I want to to submit my article to TEAM or CADdigest.com?
Being published on CADdigest.com is a great way to increase your profile. Your article will be seen by more people than if it was published almost anywhere else, You will get full credit as its author. Your bio will be linked along with the article. This can lead to more business for you or your company. Your article will be well publicized, promoted in our newsletter and on Twitter.

If CADdigest.com publishes my article, can I still put it on my blog?
Yes. In fact, we encourage you to post it on your blog. Do keep us posted on where and when it is published as may have to let Google know if our publication is second to yours. We would prefer that you do not share it with other publications, print or online. Most publications have similar rules.

What kinds of articles is CADdigest.com looking for?
Anything related to CAD, CAM or CAE will be considered. You can submit an editorial, a short tip, a long tutorial, a product review, a white paper, success story, etc. We ask only that it be useful or interesting to the CAD, CAM and CAE professional.

What are my chances of getting published on CADdigest.com?
If your article has value and interest for the CAD professional, you have a very good chance of getting published. Unlike print publications, we are not limited by number of pages. However, note that the final decision on what to publish rests with our editors.

What are your author guidelines?
Please submit your article either as a MS Word document or in HTML. Do not use PDF files or Mac-specific formats. Graphics can be saved in TIFF or PNG format. See full Author Guidelines. We probably would not consider very short articles such as quick tips or bug reports/fixes. A very long article may get split into parts.

Will I get get paid for my article?
Yes. We pay for articles we commission and publish. The amount can be found in  Author Guidelines. The amount listed depends on its value to the reader, the amount of work involved in writing it, and other factors. For examples, a really well done in-depth comparison review of multiple CAD products would be a lot of work and we would try to get you give you the maximum amount. A transcript of an interview, on the other hand, may take much less work and so, the compensation would be less. In short, don't expect to get rich but we hope to be able to give authors some money for their time and expertise.

Do I get to keep the review products?
This varies by product. A lot of software you review you can keep, but some may be time limited and expire after some time, say 60 days. Small hardware (like input devices) may be given to the reviewer as a perk but most hardware is expensive and must be returned to vendor after a reasonable time.

Do I have to disclose compensation or review products I keep?
The FTC recommends full disclosure of free products, paid reviews, and any other compensation as in FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION 16 CFR Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. TenLinks, Inc. fully supports such policy.

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